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Not-For-Profit Plan Sponsor Webinar: How to Upgrade Your Existing Plan

May 1, 2018

On April 25, 2018, our webinar for academic and nonprofit plan sponsors covered the following:

  • Overview of Today’s Retirement Climate
  • The Fundamental Problem with Most Retirement Plans
  • Limitations of Individual Annuity Contracts
  • Enhancing Your Plan, whether Individual Annuity Contract or Open Architecture

Many academic and nonprofit retirement plans offered by large providers (such as TIAA, VOYA, AXA, Lincoln Financial Group, etc.) are based on individual annuity contracts (IACs) that are outdated and don’t meet today’s fiduciary standards or participant needs.  Whether you have already moved from an IAC to an open architecture platform, this webinar discusses how to upgrade your plan to a more current, competitive, compliant solution with greater fiduciary protection, a wider range of investment options, cost-efficient fees, increased service support and enhanced plan education (including individual investment support).

Issues Covered in this Webinar:

The limitations of current plans in terms of:

  • Fiduciary risk
  • Excessive costs
  • Administrative burdens
  • Investments
  • Plan support/service
  • Plan education/investment advisory constraints

Solutions for employers wanting to upgrade your plan for today’s workplace and participant needs:

  • How to remain on your existing IAC platform with proper advisory services
  • How to upgrade to your current vendor’s open architecture investment platform
  • How to upgrade to an independent, open architecture investment platform

For additional information on how to improve your existing retirement plan, please contact Andrea Kessler, Senior Executive, at or 301-656-6545.

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