Our Services

Asset Strategies

MV Financial's Asset Strategies group conducts data-driven research and analysis to evaluate and execute both single asset strategies and integrated, diversified portfolios across multiple equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes.

Extensive, innovative research lies at the heart of our investment decision-making process. We push beyond the first layer of information to understand the factors, characteristics, and nuances that drive the performance of markets and assets. To do this, we employ a variety of analytical methodologies to separate statistically relevant insights from mere noise. In analyzing any given opportunity, we study the data objectively, without ideological preferences or preconceived assumptions.

Core Equities

Our Core Equities strategies apply bottom-up research and valuation methods to build portfolios of companies we believe to be excellent businesses, as evidenced by industry sector leadership, sustainable sources of competitive advantage, transparent and shareholder-friendly management and governance, and the agility to adapt and evolve in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Signum Strategies

Our Signum strategies use statistical and probabilistic modeling to detect market signals from asset price and volatility trends. These strategies recognize that markets periodically undergo disruptions that distort the relationship between asset prices and fundamental value predicted by financial theory. The shared goal common to all Signum strategies is to protect capital to the extent possible from the harm these disruptions have the potential to inflict.

Diversified Portfolios

We employ a mix of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques to make asset allocation and selection decisions for the diversified portfolios under our management. This analysis starts from the premise that each client’s return objectives, risk tolerance, and other circumstances are unique, and therefore the portfolio decisions must likewise be customized.