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Retirement Plan Practice Overview

July 31, 2018

By Christopher Schaefer

MV Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Bethesda, Maryland providing wealth management services for high net worth individuals, family businesses, nonprofit foundations, endowments and pension and retirement plan sponsors. Our methodology is research-driven, innovative and customized to provide sound, lasting investment strategies.

Our Retirement Plan Practice designs and manages 401(k), cash balance, 403(b) and 457 deferred compensation plans in a holistic manner in terms of helping plan sponsors with all of the key issues and functional areas of their plans. We also specialize in working with TIAA plan sponsors and their unique challenges. These services help employers navigate the complex regulations and processes of providing an important employee recruitment and retention benefit.

Our Employee Benefits Practice designs and manages corporate and nonprofit employer-sponsored group health and welfare benefit plans, i.e. medical, dental, pharmacy, life and disability benefits. This practice works collaboratively with our Retirement Plan Practice.

The MV Financial Retirement Plan Practice helps Plan Sponsors as an Advisor, Advocate and overall “Quarterback”, providing:

  • Improved Support and Service – Many plan sponsors are on their own, with limited help in dealing with important elements such as: plan design, fiduciary protection, cost efficiencies, duplicative administration processes, investment selection, plan education, and plan/individual investment support.
  • Plan Design Review – We review and implement appropriate plan features, such as: plan eligibility; compensation definitions; vesting schedules; use of auto-enrollment and auto-contribution increases; and addition of Roth deferrals.
  • Investment Selection Advice from Registered Investment Advisors - We provide independent, objective investment advice from RIA professionals operating within a business model that requires a higher fiduciary standard within the industry. This standard has fewer conflicts of interest and greater client alignment than other models of service
  • Detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – An IPS establishes the investment selection process that many plans are missing. As your trusted advisor, we ensure that you have a robust investment and monitoring process in place.
  • Selection of a Plan Administrator – We help you select the proper administrator, ensuring that your plan is compliant with ERISA and completes all required tax filings.
  • Selection of a Recordkeeper – We help you select the proper recordkeeper, ensuring that you have toll-free access, account tracking, and investment reporting for participants.
  • Open Architecture Investment Platform – We do not use any proprietary funds and have no restrictions on the investment options utilized by the service providers we use. As such, we have access to a large universe of investments for our clients.
  • Coordination of Plan Administration and Recordkeeping Services – We ensure that plan participants receive prompt and correct information on your plan.
  • Fiduciary Protection – We provide the full array of fiduciary protection, including full ERISA 3(38) protection, joint 3(21) protection and, through TPAs, administrative 3(16) protection.
  • Cost Analysis – We help you understand all fees and areas of potential cost reduction.
  • Full Disclosure and Transparency of Plan Costs – All plan fees are clearly identified and disclosed with complete transparency, enabling you to readily determine what is “reasonable” under ERISA.
  • Plan and Individual Education – We help you increase plan participation and ensure that participants are appropriately invested and able to reach their individual retirement plan goals. We provide this through on-site meetings, webinars, workshops, and one-on-one meetings with plan participants that provide high quality, individualized investment advice by RIAs.

For additional information, contact: Andrea Kessler, Senior Executive at akessler@mvfinancial.com and 301-656-6545.

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