Philosophy & Process

The Guide

We are with you through every peak, valley, and crossing—helping to guide you around obstacles, find harbor in the tempest, and resist the siren songs of greed and fear.

The capital marketplace can be tricky terrain. Our 5-step investment approach is a framework designed to skillfully navigate all market environments, balance patience with agility, and identify opportunities even in the midst of crisis. This framework translates our investment philosophy into a practical approach to the capital markets with your specific investment goals and considerations in mind.

5-Step Investment Approach

  1. Discovery & Research

    We start by conducting an in-depth analysis of your specific financial objectives, risk tolerance, timeline, and other relevant factors. Then through our research and innovative thought process we draw up a roadmap, framing your goals within the context of current market conditions, risks, and opportunities.

  2. Asset Allocation

    Next, we develop a strategic allocation model for your portfolio. Asset allocation decisions can have a major impact on portfolio performance over time. We set the target allocations based on your individual tolerance for risk, as well as our long-range views on the risk-return properties of the various asset classes and their correlation to each other.

  3. Investment Selection

    Once the allocation strategy is in place, we analyze and evaluate specific investments for your portfolio. The selection process is highly disciplined, with stringent qualitative and quantitative standards and a rigorous, comprehensive due diligence process.

  4. Portfolio Management

    At MV Financial, portfolio management spans a range of operational and analytical processes. Our investment committee meets weekly to review strategy positions and then coordinates with our operations professionals who execute trades, monitor accounts, and service client needs and inquiries on an ongoing basis.

  5. Strategic Repositioning

    Circumstances and conditions change, and so do our strategies. We regularly challenge our original assumptions, making strategic and tactical adjustments as markets and assets shift, and your needs evolve.