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Nonprofit Retirement Plan Sponsor Webinar: Moving Away from a Do It Yourself Approach

October 4, 2018

On October 3rd, 2018, MV Financial held a webinar focusing on how too many nonprofit and academic retirement plan sponsors are still relying on a do it yourself approach, where they are responsible for handling the majority of plan operational activities. This is akin to using an old paper map when GPS and Uber options are readily available - the webinar focused on ways that nonprofts can better optimize their plans in this respect. The webinar recording can be accessed here.

The webinar covered the following: 

  • Today’s Retirement Plan Climate
  • Roadmap for Plan Operations: “Paper Map vs. GPS or Uber”
  • Common Do It Yourself Plan Issues and Mistakes
  • How to “Uberize” Your Plan to Respond to Employees’ Needs

For additional information on the webinar or how to improve your existing retirement plan, please contact Andrea Kessler, Senior Executive, at or 301-656-6545.

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