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Innovative Thinking

An original, research-driven thought process sets us apart.

At MV Financial, we’re more than just asset managers—we’re dedicated researchers. Our in-house team of analysts produces original market research that’s meticulous, unbiased, and penetrating. These data-driven insights inform everything we do, from the allocation strategies we create to the assets we select for inclusion in our clients' portfolios. Our independent research and analysis sets the foundation on which your financial goals are built.

Customized Strategies and Solutions

Our investment solutions are tailored to your needs.

We offer a broad range of highly-customizable investment solutions. Our comprehensive menu of services includes personalized portfolios, integrated wealth management, employee benefit, pension & retirement plan consulting, philanthropic planning, and sophisticated single strategy products. Whether you’re an individual investor, an institutional client, or a financial advisor, we can tailor our advice and leverage our research to meet your specific needs.

Institutional Expertise

Our institutional services go beyond the basics.

We do more than just manage the portfolios of our institutional clients, such as pension & retirement plan sponsors, charitable endowments, foundations and trusts. Our expertise extends to developing effective and comprehensive investment policy statements, managing fiduciary risk, and educating 401(k) plan beneficiaries on making smart and informed retirement decisions. We take the lead in all phases of the process from asset allocation and investment selection to execution, reporting, and management of third party service providers.

Agile Investment Approach

We’re disciplined in our methods, unconstrained in our approach.

Our investment approach is grounded in rigorous research, time-tested philosophies, and an in-depth knowledge of the history of markets and finance. Yet we realize that even the best analytical tools and predictive models can only take you so far. In today’s complex and often capricious markets, it’s not enough to prepare for the most likely scenarios—you must be ready for the unexpected and improbable. Our flexible approach aims to do both, with the ability to swiftly adapt when variables change.

Uncompromising Client Service

You can count on us for dedicated client care.

When we say that our clients come first, it’s not a platitude: it’s a promise. As an independent firm, our recommendations are focused solely on your best interests. We work tirelessly to help you advance toward your financial goals—monitoring your progress, making adjustments as needed, and keeping you updated. What’s more, we make our best ideas readily available and accessible with market commentary, reports, and other educational resources.

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