Our Services

Pension & Retirement Plan Management

We provide in-depth guidance and support to the key stakeholders of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans – taking into account the needs and objectives of plan fiduciaries and beneficiaries alike.

MV Financial has extensive experience managing 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), cash balance and defined benefit plans in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

The Retirement Plan Practice (RPP) helps employers and plan sponsors/fiduciaries navigate the complex regulations that govern the space and design sustainable programs. We dedicate ourselves to providing the high-quality investment advice and education that employees need as plan beneficiaries.


Fiduciary Protection

As an ERISA 3(38) Full Fiduciary, we help to reduce your fiduciary liability as plan sponsor. Being a 3(38) Investment Manager means that we can offer investment guidance and education to plan employees, control the investment strategies, evaluate the cost structure of alternative investment choices, oversee third-party service providers, and provide comprehensive investment due diligence.

The Fiduciary Spectrum

Full Disclosure and Transparency of Plan Costs

Starting in 2012, The Department of Labor issued a series of regulations designed to make plan costs more transparent to both plan sponsors and participants. At MVF, we have been transparent with our clients for over 25 years. By utilizing an open architecture platform, MVF and all service providers charge their own fees separately in a transparent manner. There is no cross selling between providers and no commissions or revenue sharing between providers. Any mutual fund revenue is used to offset plan recordkeeping costs.

In-Depth, Comprehensive Investment Process

As Investment Manager, we offer six risk-based, actively managed portfolios for employees who are looking for professional help. Our portfolios are based on unconflicted and unbiased investment advice and do not use any proprietary funds. Our investment selection process is comprehensive and detailed, and we provide plan sponsors with the support they need to make sure they are meeting their fiduciary responsibility. For plan participants who want to select their own allocation, we offer a menu of exchange traded funds and institutionally priced mutual funds within all major asset classes.

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Plan Design Review

RPP consists of professionals with many years of experience in plan design review and implementation. We will ensure your plan is designed to meet your organization’s goals and will review it regularly to meet changes in your firm and the regulatory environment.

Individualized Education and Support

At MVF, we believe that simply offering plan participants a website with a large array of resources and tools is not enough. Overwhelmed with options and left to do it by themselves, participants choose to do nothing at all or make poor decisions. Providing individualized education and support is crucial to the success of the plan. Through on-site firm wide meetings, webinars, workshops and one-on-one meetings, RPP is there to help employees get the most out of their plan and achieve their retirement goals.

Plan Fees

Fees paid at both the plan level and by participants have come under increased scrutiny over the last few years, and MVF believes that the services and value being offered by services providers is just as important. Annual benchmarking is the best way to gauge whether your plan fees are reasonable as mandated by the Department of Labor.