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Wealth Management

Our wealth management practice is centered on flexible long-term strategies driven by original, innovative research and customized to your needs.

As wealth passes from generation to generation, the many changes—both incremental and dramatic—that shape the world also impact the markets. Yet there is also a timeless nature to many aspects of trade and commerce. As stewards of your wealth, we are ever mindful of the need to evolve and adapt to a changing world while remaining true to the core disciplines that guide our practice and our industry.

Every wealth management relationship at MV Financial starts with an in-depth discussion to define your specific goals. Whether you’re a high-net-worth investor, a family office, a charitable endowment, or another type of client, we know that your situation is unique. We analyze and evaluate your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors such as time horizon, expected liquidity events, and tax considerations. Based on this comprehensive picture, we then construct, implement, and manage your customized strategy.

Our process is collaborative and takes full advantage of the MV Financial team’s broad range of skill sets and specialties. Our investment research and analysis team includes Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charterholders with many years of experience in US and international investment markets. Professionals with the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation take a lead role in designing optimized structures and vehicles that account for tax, regulatory, and other considerations. Our in-house investment operations team provides comprehensive trade execution and settlement services, as well as third-party custodial oversight, data reporting, and related client services. Despite different areas of expertise, we share one common commitment: helping you advance toward your financial goals.