Philosophy & Process

The Path

The investment journey is unpredictable, your path unique and variable. What doesn’t change is our disciplined process.

While our investment approach is agile and unconstrained, our methods are highly disciplined. From single asset strategies to integrated wealth portfolios and retirement plans, extensive research and analysis informs every decision.

Your Path, Our Process

Where are you headed on your investment journey? What is your desired destination? Perhaps you’re seeking the best possible 401(k) plan for your employees and their retirement goals. Maybe you hope to maximize your endowment’s impact on the world with a more effective spending plan, or set up an efficient estate vehicle to provide for your loved ones and protect your legacy. Whatever your chosen investment path, you can rely on our disciplined process to help you move forward.

Investment Methodology

Investment Categories

Investment Characteristics

Investment Decisions

Our process rests on an investment methodology grounded in the practical application of financial analytical and valuation techniques appropriate for the distinct characteristics of equities, fixed income securities and alternative assets. We give careful consideration to the risk, return and correlation characteristics of each asset. From this analysis we are able to make key investment decisions around strategic allocation models, individual asset selection, and periodic tactical deviations when opportunities or risks present themselves.

Asset Allocation Process

The foundation of the investment process is your strategic asset allocation. The goal is to manage risk and reward by diversifying your portfolio into asset classes with differing risk, return, and correlation properties. We determine these strategic investment targets based on your tolerance for risk in conjunction with our own long-term asset class views. We revisit your strategic allocation annually for systematic rebalancing and re-weighting. However, we also employ tactical allocation decisions throughout the year that aim to capitalize on short- and intermediate-term risks and opportunities.

Investment Selection Process

When considering an investment, we look beyond its individual merits to investigate how it may interact with other assets in the portfolio. We bring a broad range of screening tools to this process, including proprietary quantitative models that analyze a wide range of return, risk, style, and correlation performance measures. We also evaluate numerous qualitative factors, such as organizational stability, expenses, and potential legal and regulatory problems.

Operational Process

MV Financial has a dedicated team whose sole purpose is maintaining the integrity of the operational process. This team oversees the implementation of asset allocation and investment selection decisions. Along with trade execution, the operational team is also responsible for performance reporting, client service, and active oversight of custodians and other third-party service providers.