Philosophy & Process

The Strategy

Our disciplined research and unconstrained thought process lead to holistic, integrated strategies tailored to your particular investment situation.

At the heart of our strategic thinking is a recognition that many factors influence the performance of markets and assets over time. The nature of these factors, and the impact any one of them can have on a portfolio at a given time, is constantly changing.

Our imperative is to anchor your portfolio with a core positioning aimed at success around your defined long term goals, while being adaptive and mindful of the opportunities and threats that present themselves in short and intermediate time frames.

Comprehensive Strategic Framework

Building Your Customized Strategy

This strategy built around core and adaptive positioning extends across a wide spectrum of customizable investment modules. This includes single asset strategies, integrated wealth portfolios, retirement plans, and other defined goals. Each customized strategy may include a wide range of asset types across the full spectrum of equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes.

Core Positioning

The core positioning is comprised of assets we believe to be “here for the long term.” For equities and equity-oriented vehicles this means strong businesses with a compelling reason to exist, transparent and shareholder-friendly management, and the nimbleness to evolve and maintain industry leadership in today’s complex and fast-changing economy. Fixed income investments in our core modules should be transparent and easily understandable in regard to the timing, magnitude and safety of their income streams. Highly complex structures with opaque characteristics have no place in our core portfolios.

Adaptive Positioning

At MV Financial adaptive positioning refers to a toolkit of market approaches to take advantage of periodic opportunities for outperformance or, conversely, to go defensive in the event of higher than usual threats for certain asset classes or the overall market. Included in this toolkit are quantitative strategies based on market signals, and we may also tactically position our portfolios with overlays, exposure to sub-asset classes, or cash hedges when deemed appropriate.