2013: The Year Ahead
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January 23, 2013 | Annual Outlook Annual Outlook, Market Commentary | Masood Vojdani & Katrina Lamb, CFA

2013: The Year Ahead

The world has changed considerably since 1982, the year when the last macro growth market in equities began (it ended in March 2000). The balance of global economic power has shifted. Vibrant middle classes have emerged in some parts of the world, and appear to be in decline in others. The Information Age that was in its ascendancy back in the early 1980s has matured and is now evolving into a more advanced Age of Big Data, where predictive analytics, robotics, machine learning and other innovations both tremendously empower and massively disrupt economies and the people who work in them. Growth may be at hand, but will we know when it arrives? Will we even recognize it? In this year’s 2013 Annual Outlook we’re going to focus quite a bit on growth, in its various meanings and guises.